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  1. I´ve been using BT with IB for futures-trading. I had a look at Zerolinetrader today. Can anyone tell me if ZT also has a scale-in column in it´s DOM, similar to BT (for registered users), so that one can simply click into the DOM window to add to a position using stop limit orders? I couldn´t find any information on the ZT website.
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  3. i know how the dom works, it´s similar to brackettrader, thats not my question. but brackettrader has a special feature for registered users. when you want to ADD to a already existing position, the brackettrader dom has an extra second column on the side. you click into this extra column, and you ADD any number of additional contracts which will wait for execution as stop limit orders. i don´t think zt has this, i haven´t seen it anywhere else yet.
  4. ZLT is a lot more flexible than Bracket Trader. That's why I moved to zlt rather than bt.

    If I have a position and want to add then I just put a limit or a stop limit on the dom and it will add it when the order is filled. I can make it bigger by clicking it again or cancel it by clicking on the next row out. I can put more than one on so that I add at various levels of retracement or forward motion. Easy as.

    Similarly I can scale out by simply putting extra limit/stoplimt orders on the exit side of the dom. As positions are exited zlt will remove target/stop pairs so that I don't end up reversing by accident.

    I trade the HSI which is both a delight and a madhouse ... and find zlt is great for this sort of fast moving index.
  5. See picture of current position and 3 adds (and no I dont trade quite like this :confused: )
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  6. thanks kiwi, that´s exactly what i wanted to know. i´ll have a closer look at zt this weekend. bt works ok most of the time, but there are some bugs here and there.
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    Kiwi, thanks for the better explanation.
  8. had a closer look, it really seems zt has everything i´ve been missing with bt. i was disappointed about the small cell size in the dom, but i just discovered even that can be configured.

    zltrader, are you the developer of the software? i registered for the forum some days ago, but my membership hasn´t been activated yet. software looks great, if it works as good as it looks in realtime trading, i´ll probably switch.
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    range64, I am the developer of ZLT.

    Please check your ZLT forum account again. Let me know if it still needs to be activated.
  10. Ranger, I'll vouch for ZLT. I've tried other DOM interfaces but I like ZLTs. It's easy to get comfortable with and there are tons of options for managing trades and strategies; Targets, breakeven stops, and sizing can all be configured up front.

    The developer is quite open to suggestions, too, and very quick in issuing updates to fix issues that have been brought to light.
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