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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tryharder, Feb 18, 2007.

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    Bracket trader may be excellent, but they provide NO way to contact anyone for a question. They suggest the Forum, but if you have ever used the forum and lost your ID and Password, You can never use it again. It messages that your email is already in use, therefore you can't re-register. Can't even email the administrator without registering first. All I want to do is setup and use Bracket trader and ask one question. They don't want that I guess.
  2. what's your question?

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    Good point Bandit; Does anyone know a way to contact Bracket Trader Or register to get on their forum using an email which I used many months ago for registration, but no longer have ID and Pw for the Forum?
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    Why not just register as a new customer with a new email address ?

    .. rj
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    I only have original ( my only email) address. I suppose I could get another email address just so I could enter their forum. But, This is first software company that I have found in the trading area that has no posible (unless well hidden) way to contact anyone. (of course Microsoft is FAR worse, but thats ok, I don't expect MS to care) I will drop this issue, It is a waste of Elite traders time, and will not likely result in any solution. Thanks for efforts.
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    ntouch, Thats terrific. Never saw this before, lots of uses
  8. if you registered, like I did, it will have given you the contact email
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    No touch, Ha , they still got me at least for now. I used 10min mail, Got registered, went to profile, tried to use my real email to revise , It said No can do, that email is in use by someone. ( Of course the someone was me a year ago) so I can now enter the sight but cannot ever receive email from the sight. LOL