Bracket Trader: Is there anyone home?

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  1. I registered Bracket Trader a couple of weeks ago and have not been able to get Jerry Sy to respond to any of my e-mailed questions.

    Not only that, his Bracket Trader Forum is locked, so you can't even talk to anyone else if you have a question. :confused:

    My main issue now is that even tho I checked the "Dom Scale-in Column" in preferences, it still does not appear in Dom.

    Maybe one of you guys would be good enough to help me. If I can't get an answer shortly, I'll be writing a scathing review of Bracket Trader.

  2. I tried Bracket Trader awhile back and constantly had problems with it shutting down for no apparent reason. I could never get an answer either. Switched to Buttontrader and am a happy camper now. Ya gets what ya pay for, I guess.
  3. I've been trying out Bracket Trader for a couple of weeks now with no problems at all. Everything working good. I havn't tried to email them, no need to, so far.
  4. Thanks, guys, but I'm not really interested in opinions about the software and which one is the best. I already know which one is the best, and it's definitely not Bracket Trader. But I don't want to get into that.

    All I would like to know is the specific answer to the question that I raised:

    Even tho I checked the "Dom Scale-in Column" in preferences, it still does not appear in Dom. Does anyone that uses Bracket Trader have a solution?

    Also, is there any way to configure the scale in button to scale in more that 1 at a time? It's driving me nuts. Thanks.
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    You are correct to put a checked on the "Dom Scale-in Column" in Preferences. In BT Dom you will see the narrow scale-in column only after initial buy or sell entry is trigger. Use left mouse click on the narrow scale-in column will add no. of contract from each left click. Right mouse click on the narrow scale-in column will reduce no. of contracts. Hope this helps.
  7. FWIW,

    Out of curiousity, I moused over to the forum and it is active today and appears to have been active over the holidays.

    Not sure where your communications problem could be coming from...
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    If you are registered Bracket Trader, you can easily email Larry Sy by clicking the Help in BT Main. Not Jerry Sy. Jerry Sy is for Autotrader, not Bracket Trader.
  9. Icw, thanks for the thoughtful response and suggestions. I still can't see the Dom scale-in column, even tho its been checked in preferences. Even after the trade has been triggered, all I see is the Buy, Price, and Sell columns, nothing else. It will not allow me to stretch it out by dragging the sides.

    When I registered the software, I was sent a letter from Jerry with the key. He also said to e-mail him if I had questions. I took that to mean hit reply. Thank you for pointing out that I need to go to the help menu. My order entry needs are not great so I think Bracket Trader should be adequate for me once I get used to it.
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    I am able to get the scale-in column and you do not need to re-size your BT DOM and it looks like you need to email Larry Sy direct from the help menu on BT Main. Sorry, not able help.
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