Bracket Trader and TWS build 797

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by MarathonTrading, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. Does anybody have problems using BT 2.15C with the last TWS build.

    BT has worked fine for me until I upgraded TWS this morning.

    I have error messages "invalid trigger method" when I try to place an order.

    Does anybody have the same problems?
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  3. Thanks Bkuerbs.

    Do you know how I can roll back TWS?
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    I have never done it, you should check the IB-forum. You have to uninstall TWS, download the previous version from the IB page ( - > systems, it is version 795) and install it. Sounds easy enough, but there are some catches in it. Better search the IB-forum for advice on how to do it.


    Bernd Kuerbs
  5. Tx. Found the old version in the TWS API yahoo group.

    Anyway, there are many people using BT or other trade managt software so IB should be more careful before releasing a new build. :(
  6. Maybe IB could release their new TWS versions as a beta first so that third party developers could test their software, then after a period of time, the new version would be promoted to a final, gold version. Traders who automatically update their TWS would always get the latest gold release but you'd have to click on a download link to get the beta TWS.

    (I wonder why they changed the trigger method as the error message seems to say? You'd think the API would remain backwards compatible even if they introduce a new method.)
  7. By the way, BT 2.15c is not current release anymore!

    This is now Bracket Trader 2003 0618 you should use...
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    Anyone having trouble with bracket trader update. Latest version doesn't work or load at all. My preferred add on.