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  1. Okay I hope this is the right forum. Im new to day trading and I'm looking for a new broker. I'm currently with Scottrade and I want to move to a broker more suited for trading. One feature I really want is the ability to place bracket orders. I have seen two places; TradeStation and somewhere else. In looking at different brokers I stumbled onto a flash tutorial showing bracket orders but now I cant find that broker again.

    Now some will say why not go with TradeStation. Well I dont meet the minimum requirements, so thats no help.

    So if anyone knows a broker that allows you to place bracket orders i would be very happy.

  2. Interactive Brokers.
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    You can do that with IB. The flash tutorial you're referring to is available under, go to Software>>Interactive Tours.

    A full list of order types is available under the Trading section.

    There should be virtually every type of order you can think of.. if there's any missing, then please contact our customer service desk.
  4. FWIW, MB Trading has bracket orders. But MB calls them Threshhold Triggered.
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  6. Jack,

    If you are new to daytrading, you should definitely stay away from futures. You should instead learn to daytrade profitably with stocks. You should not even consider futures until after you can profitably daytrade stocks.
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    Hi Jack,

    You could also try Forex.
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    You can us Ameritrade and lowtrades, etc. for bracket orders among the per-trade pricing brokers. Lowtrades charges an extra $3 for doing it. ETrade offers it only after you become eligible for PowerEtrade.

    Among per share pricing brokers, IB should be specially considered. With IB, you can auto attach a bracket order or trailing-stop order sent with your initial order.
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    Disagree, futures markets are much fairer to trade especially the electronic markets.