Bracket order in IBs TWS with a % Risk profit/loss calculator

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  1. Hi,

    I did some paper trading in and I loved the bracket order panel that gave you estimates of the USD value and % values of the Stop Loss and Profit taking orders. I like that. Is there a way to do that in IB TWS? Now I have to calculate it manually and placing an order takes too long (slow brain) or I make mistakes.
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  2. Not "TWS out of the box" that I am aware of. IB-TWS tends to give you just the basic tools, partially integrated with other tools. I think they leave the more second level stuff, like you describe, to people using the API. In the API it would be straightforward.

    Of course you can always submit a feature request. They might be more attentive to the retail traders these days. At some point, they will probably give all the old tools a BUFF, but of course they will break a lot of stuff since it is a lot of legacy code, so it will take a bit more time to develop and stabilize.

    Lastly, you could probably do something in Excel that hooks into TWS and does the calculations for you, on the fly, MAYBE.
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    How much time we lookin' at here?
  4. Lol, I not on the development team, but you give me 4 days with the bug database, the proposed feature with Dev estimates and I could tell you. Usually a good rule of thumb is Time to code x 2 or in the case of badly embedded legacy code x 3 to never. It really depends upon the code base, and the team.
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    Just set the percentage figure once at the beginning of the day and stick with it.

    The difference won't produce a big variance in your returns unless you are grossly undercapitalized or trading way too much size.
  6. I am afraid I am not following here with setting that percentage figure. Could you elaborate?