BPtrader- Total loser

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  1. Mods,

    He is a failed trader who continually ruins every thread with his loser rants about how trading is impossible.

    He's not even a trader. Throw him off eliteTRADER! Clean up the site!

    Thank you.
  2. +1

    How many "I quit" threads is one person allowed to start in a given year without actually quitting?

  3. I don't carry any weight on this site, but.......

  4. well, that will get interesting, because 99.9% of ET posters are losers.

    If ET bans losers, few people will post here.

    I find these losers' thoughts hilarious, no logic at all. This country's education system has surely produced generations of idiots!

    sad people indeed. :D :D
  5. what? you don't allow losers to quit?

    is this country a dictatorship? :mad:
  6. have you actually quit? If so, you should leave this website, don't you think? It IS a trading website after all, and if you quit trading, well....


  7. quitting is a long process. you can't do it instantly, it's like quitting smoking, it takes a long time and frequent tries.

    u have to be patient in quitting, you can't do it at once, you know.

    I am sure most of ET posters have quit at one time or another in the past, they came back and tried to quit again, again, and again.

    anyway, quitting is a long process, it takes time.:)
  8. Quitting is a long process maybe for weak minded people, strong people dig deep and stop engaging in the behavior that perpetuate something one is trying to quit. This makes quitting far easier.


    Be a strong person.

  9. Joe


    I am looking into his posts, please post a link to a few examples of his rants.

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