BPT team update

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. 60% of the team covered last week notably on Thursday. Others finished out their January positions Friday morning into the Bush pump. The small % and gambler savvy folk re-shorted after the pump and let some ride through the weekend and will have a nice payoff tomorrow morning.

    The objective of fear and pandomonium has finally come full circle to the masses. Mass margin calls and long squeeze in the first half hour will flush out the dip buyers who tried to get cute (those banking on a .75 cut over the weekend) and banking on Uncle Ben for one more artificial pump.

    Key members of both BPT team and PPT are close to forming a temporary alliance. This happens once every decade. 1987, 1998, 2001, come to mind. Enjoy the juicy trades in both directions. If you can't handle it, stay in cash on the sidelines.