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  1. Does anyone know the Buying Power IB gives for an account with 50K?

    As well do most of you use the bundled or unbundled cost structures?

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    IB's margining rates are REG-T, which means max 4-1 intraday and 2-1 overnight for equities. In order to qualify for portfolio margining, you have to have 100k on deposit.

    That means for your 50k acct, you can get 200k buying power intraday and 100k overnight.
  3. Thanks, I need to find something with substantially greater BP. Do you feel I should consider a Prop only firm and give up part of my trading profits?

    So if I post up 100K at IB, do you know what my daily BP would be?
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    Take some time and read thru these threads. You will find the answers you seek, such as not all firms split profits if you are using your money and only "renting" the buying power from the prop shop.

    Read the threads. Do a search (link upper right). Most of the answers you will need are here.

    As to portfolio margining, from what I gather, the most you could probably eek out of it is around 6-1, but depending on your portfolio, you could end up with even less BP than with REG-T
  5. I have 250k up with a firm and I have 40 million in bp...with 100% payout. hehe

    You should be able to get 100:1 on your money.
  6. NY, can you share with me who you feel I should speak with please? I appreciate your help.

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  7. I do work at a prop firm...
    Hold brothers offers that type of leverage but really don't recommend them. Avatar trading, which is a customer of Assent should be able to offer you at least 40 to 50:1 on your money.

    If you have your license series 7, you can go directly to Assent and speak to them yourself.

    What type of trading do you plan on?
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    Hold requires series 7.
  9. I don't have the S7 so need a firm who does not require it and need to trade remote...any ideas?
  10. 3D trading is an office of hold, they will give you the leverage intra but you can't hold overnight without the license.

    Avatar trading can provide you good leverage on your money. How much BP are you looking for?
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