BP top kill failed, now what?

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    What's next maybe dropping a nuke:D
  2. Oh yeah... somebody suggested that.

    Drop a nuke, the shock wave starts 20 more wells spewing like this one... If they do something this reckless, let's hope Obama takes "credit/responsibility" for it... so Americans finally recognize what a fraud and phony he is and will kick his ass to the curb where he belongs..
  3. "Nuke" idea already considered and dropped. Now they try to drop a party hat over the thing, the idea being they hoover up all the junk until mid-August when the relief well taps off the supply (assuming it hits the target).
  4. Their new approach will be called "TOP HAT"
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    US deeply disappoints me in this OIL Spill fiasco.

    When they want to bomb another country, they have all the capabilities in the world.

    When they need to close the stupid ocean floor leak.

    Nothing but Bubbles

    Where the hell is Area 51 and all the friggin gizmos black budget pays for :mad: :mad:
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    United States NSA agency is able to pick up any cell phone call in the world or FAX

    and they can't close the god damn leaking pipe. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  7. see what the first major storm brings when it takes the oil and slams it up on all the coastlines
  8. get liquid this is going to shut down the entire southeast huge neg economic shockwaves
  9. The only thing that is going to work is a relief well. This has already happened back in 1979 and it took them 9 months to stop it and that time it was only in 200 ft of water... All the same procedures were tried and failed... Major Déjà vu

    Say what you will about Rachel Maddow... this is some good journalism

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    you got some good points there..
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