BP----They are gonnna NUKE IT!!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by gimp570, Jul 19, 2010.

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    this is exactly what i have been thinking BP has zero chance of fixing this. They have not done one thing right since the accident. The only reason the cap is holding is because oil is leaking from other places. If it was not leaking the cap would have blow off. You think the relief well is going to work? I highly doubt it. Nothing BP has said has come true yet. Why now.

    I think BP is toast


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    Everyone thought BP had stopped it, now this news is out, the stock is tanking today after moving up above $38 last week.
  4. RIG is getting crushed
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    RIG down 9% today. Over 3 months it's down 46%.:eek:

    BP down 6% today and down 41% last 3 months.:eek:

    Don't think I would have touched the 10.5% paper from BP, but maybe Bill Gross knows something I don't?
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    RIG down 10%

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    BP moves up $1 at 15:40

    Don't see why this would require them to nuke - all they need to do is produce the well to take the pressure off.
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    I think because they f'ed up. They tapped a well with a pressure they can not handle. Another rig won't help, its a powder keg and they don't have the equipment. No one does.
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    So, when the releif wells tap into the original well they are just going to create two more problem well heads?
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    They already have it bubbling up from the ocean floor, away from their well. Like a garden hose shoved into dirt. They don't need to drill another well, or try to get into the original. They have new ones sprouting all by themselves.
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