BP Oil and potential economic repercussions

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  1. BP oil leak is likely to have serious economic repercussions.

    This isn't really in doubt.
    However what those will be is the topic of discussion.

    Fishing - For sure
    Emergency clean-up - For sure
    Tourism - For sure

    Oil production in the gulf - Your Thoughts

    Abiotic Oil Theory becoming globally accepted - Your Thoughts

    Will Nuking the Leak fix the problem? - Your Thoughts

    Will nuking the Leak awaken the New Madrid Fault from Chicago to the submarine Mississippi Valley? Your Thoughts

    Here is a Video / Audio from Lindsey Williams who has a 35 year track record of accurate inside information.

    I have followed his info for 12-15 years.

    The vids are a bit melodramatic ... but maybe rightfully so.

    I will post the first one and the links to the rest.

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  2. Affirming information of Lindsey Williams report. Somewhat Inconclusive still however.

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