BP is the only one at fault

Discussion in 'Politics' started by taclander, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. Really!!!??? Why isn't more of a stink being made about the government employees who let all the baloney go? It was their job to call BP on the carpet over their phoney reports and plans. Just like the SEC employees who were to busy watching porn, they ignored theri jobs for their own benefit. I have yet to hear of an SEC employee being fired let alone an inspector, manager, or government employee being fired for letting anything go bad, that they knew full well was wrong. BP obviously got away for too long with poor practices, but isn't that why we have 40 million gov. agencies to oversee????!!! There you go with the value of government protecting us. Doesn't exist!!!
    How many new agencies will we have to oversee the current agencies as a result? Great more useless government. I need to get my kids to realize where the greatest career is. No responsibilty, fantastic benefits and pay. No worry about ever being fired for being an idiot. Sounds like the life of Reilly.
  2. Personally, I believe this is intentional. Obama wants this event to be "as bad as possible (while still presenting the notion he's in charge)"... to support and facilitate his Cap 'n Tax legislation... ASSHOLE!!