BP hides oil with toxic dispersants

Discussion in 'Economics' started by hippie, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Utterly despicable behavior on the part of BP and their cretins; utterly UNFORGIVABLE acquiescence by Obama and his marxists cowards.

    Naturally, A Whale and other skimmers could have cleaned up much of the oil but of course it would 'look' worse to the public, or so BP thinks.

    Let's hope these 'persons of interest' inquiries result in PROSECUTION OF KALUZA AND DONALD VIRDINE OF BP.

    F those guys to H! I weep for the gulf.
  2. DWV


    The spill is over and it had minimal affect on wildlife...fishing grounds are being reopened. This is just swine flu redone. Go back to you dull lives and find something else to complain about.