Bp, Evil..are they really the evil empire?

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  1. I laugh my ass off listening to my clown, sorry president. Was BPthe only company involved in the rig? No of course not. I keep reading about regulators that knew there were problems, yet they seem to have no responsiblity. Amazing how that works. Governmet eployees on the take have no responsibility for the problems, just like the financial crisis. They should all pay, and yea , unfortunatley me the taxpayer for allowing, again, the clowns who are public employees should be held responsible. Cripes at what point can we stop blaming every else and admit the crap running the overseeing agencies need to be aressted and put in jail also for being bought off? Oh My goodness that is horrible to bring up!!! Time is here today to make a change or time for an overthrow to avoid the past , England, Rome etc. I want to be a part of the greatest that helps out where needed and not apart of history that falls under the weight of fools in governement.
  2. Sorry for the pathetic grammar. I'm am just too ticked off to deal with grammar. It makes me ill listneing to the morons.
  3. Yeah, oil companies are an easy target. I don't remember the lamestream press trying to rile up the sheeple with hatred toward the Corps of Engineers during Katrina...though they built the levees that failed.

    Of course, the current Prez can't even pronounce "corps" correctly, and I'm sure he wouldn't have attacked his own (gov't) either.
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    Yes. Why? Because as we watch the live broadcast of the gushing leak they are fighting the Canadian law to drill an obligatory 2nd relief well at the same time when a main well is drilled. Yes, you can guess what would be the situation if there was such a law in effect in the Gulf.

    No. Halliburton is evil too, alright. :)

    You have any other questions???
  5. Yes, to which politician did BP contribute the most in the last 20 years?
  6. Yea, I can guess, but I know the reality. A bunch of public employees would be making a few extra dollars ignoring the regs they are supposed to enforce. Kind of like the SEC with Madoff. But I guess it's ok for the other companies involved and the government protectors to walk away because the media doesn't bring them to light. Get a fricking clue moron! There is more to the story than BP. For cripes sake I in no way support BP, but they are far from the only piece of the puzzle. Another company supported the rig, another company built the rig, and a bunch of public employess who are supposed to be overseeing let it all pass by, AGAIN! And our usless president, one of a long line, has nothing but press release material for his speech. And of course his story is the only one responsible is the company. No questions as to where he and his regulatory minions were when this was going on.
    Get a clue yourself moron!
  7. Goldman gets away with murder.

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    I agree, unfortunately the government has immunity. However I do not know if government employees, especially administrators of a department have the same immunity. If they do not, perhaps we (the people of the USA) should consider filing civil charges. Possibly for fraud (we paid them to do a job, they took the money, they did not do the job)!

    Any lawyers out here care to comment on this point?
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    Obama. As I said, they are pure evil. :)

    TL;DR can you summarize it in one sentence?