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  1. bat1


    hope someone answer this here?

    if I buy a 1000 shares of BP the day before
    dividend date (to share holders on 29 Dec) and sell right after the dividend date do I get the dividend?

    in advance
  2. for all dividend stock, there is a record date and a payment date.

    you must have a settled position on the record date. lets say the record date for BP was 12-01-09 and payment date is 12-29-09

    you would have to buy the stock on 11-26-09, settles in t+3 and if you sell the position on 12-02-09, you still get paid on 12-29!
  3. Here's the skinny from the horses-mouth itself:


    Just remember it can work both ways (i.e: if you're short at the wrong time, you're responsible for paying the dividend).
  4. To simplify the explanation a bit, you get the dividend if you buy a stock before the ex-dividend date and don't sell it until (or after) the ex-dividend date.

    But specifically with regards to BP, the last ex-dividend date for the ADRs sold on the NYSE was November 10. The next ex-dividend date is February 17. You can find that information at this link.