Boys, we gotta talk about some serious biness now.....

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    Forget trading, forget politics. Let's get down to what matters!

    Men, is it just me or are you seeing this too?

    Seems as though the women in this country are getting more and more sloppy with their appearance. Downright sloppy! Seems like I am seeing more and more women who aren't taking much care with themselves, don't care how they are dressed in public, and many of them look downright filthy.

    Is this a result of their upbringing? Or, do they just not care for some reason anymore?

    And fat? Oh my goodness! What are these women eating all day long? When I see 'em in public, I wonder, baby how'd you ever get that way???

    Course, this ain't all of 'em. But, I'm just saying way too many of them don't care anymore.

    On the other hand, of course all us guys are close to perfection. (But, that's not the discussion on this thread.) ;>)

    You know what I'm talking about?
  2. where do you live?
  3. BSAM


    I'm your neighbor, but what's that got to do with the price of eggs? We're talking the USA here.
  4. How can you feel good if you're fat? It's unhealthy. Women are out of shape. This makes them angry. They don't know at what they just don't like themselves. They can't hold there arms up to there head to fix their hair. Women fool themsleves into buying clothes that are too small, this makes them uncomfortable.

    Women - a hot mess these days.
  5. Gcapman


    Agreed but I am seeing more and more fat women at my gym so I think that they are trying.........

    Some ppl can't help being fat --

    Personally, I'd rather have body odor than be fat
  6. I don't see any change in the appearance of women in the New York City area. Maybe you live in Wyoming or Alabama where it's different.

    The USA is quite large.


  7. BSAM


    Actually, this is true, so they aren't a part of this conversation.

    And, too, it should be noted that women don't have to qualify for a magazine cover to be attractive. I have always said that most women can be reasonably attractive if they put a little effort into it. Too many today just don't care.
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    Yeah, I hear you FP. Maybe I need to take a vacation. Let's see, this is August. Is it cold there yet? ;>)
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    Small children?
  10. You must have some pics to illustrate this state of affairs
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