Boycotting Stupidity, O-ST&P-Bs

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Are you a member of the "Official Stupid Thread & Post Boycott" ???

  1. Hell YEAH!!! Please add me to the official "O-ST&P-Bs" member mailing list too!

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  2. Hell NO! I'm a gigantic TooL!!! Please remove my address from your mailing list. Why not? I asked ni

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  1. What is with all the stupid posts on the stupid threads on Elite Trader? (This thread included)

    Why do so many members insist on being TooLs?

    I'm not talking about the jokes and badmouthing, some of those posts are funny, like the "Air Bernanke" toon and the "sticky keyboards are my edge" posts. That's just quality humor.

    What I'm talking about is all the damn "Self Gratification" posts. The "I really am a top-level millionaire trader, but what does a Dead Cat Bounce mean?" posts. The "I'm better than you because I follow the (insert 2-bit Guru's name here) strategy" posts. All of the "How exactly does that millionaire's trading strategy work?" posts.

    WTF is my point?

    I've decided to boycott stupid threads and stupid posts. Who's coming with me? (hopefully it's not just Flipper the goldfish...)

    Every time you see a stupid post or a stupid thread, call it out. Post a link to this thread, and leave the "Official Stupid Thread & Post Boycott" seal of approval.

  2. Tired of SPAM!?!

    Hit 'em right back!!!

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    I don't think anyone cares ... sorry :p

    Now where was that Jack Hershey thread....
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  5. I'm not sure the post results are going to be very accurate...
  6. WooHoo! Chit Chat!

    Nice move. (Like I didn't know it would happen when I originally posted this in the Trading forum...)

    Chit Chat is definitely where all of the serious material related to trading is truly discussed on ET.
  7. If I had a hammmerr, I'd hammer in the morrniin, I'd hammer in the evening, all over this land...
  8. RollingOnTheFloor...