BOYCOTT the Economics Forum Until TGregg is Removed

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by aeliodon, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. 1 TGregg doesn't even trade. He has admited that he is now and Errand Boy for a Bigger, Stronger, Smarter Alpha Male.

    2 The guy is a very vocal Republican with very strong right wing views - hence he is too impartial to be a moderator of the Economics forum. You simply cannot discuss economics without politcs entering the equation.

    3 He DELETES threads that conflict with his political views. He doesn't even bother to move them to chit chat.
  2. DarkStorm


    Agreed, his moderation is disgusting and makes a mockery of the forum
  3. TGregg is alright. It's that vile, Jack Hershey minion callmate which should be removed post-haste!
  4. Tgregg has been nothing if not consistent and predictable throughout the years.
    Would you all prefer some insane schizophrenic in charge of a forum? Thats been done, and it didn't work so well.

    BTW, I disagree with just about every view on just about every topic with Tgregg, nevertheless, we all can count on his reaction to these situations.

    In other words, quite bitching and go with what you know.
  5. sho-tim


    Must have gotten an "obama action wire".

    They don't work here.
  6. I respectfully and totally disagree!

    TGregg is both polite and has not deleted any of my threads, that are at least "provocative" with regards to thinking on your own and not buying into systemic biased propaganda.

    Also, in the interest of ANY democracy - censorship is not what is productive. If you have not got the strength to stand for your own argumentation and thinking - then it is better to act like an oyster or clam.

    Thank you
  7. That sounds sexist you brute! :D
  8. Hehe, if you read my writing you will find that my humour is very multi-faceted...
    Double, triple, quadruple meanings is all the fun and stimulates thinking...
    (just a thinking technique - nothing religious)

  9. I think you guys need to start a poll: Worst Moderator on ET.

    I'm hoping I'll win, but with some of the complaints lately, it'll be close!

    Boycott the Economics forum...what a laugh.
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    Is there not anyone left on this site who isn't a squalling, candy ass, girlie man pussy?
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