Boycott Olympics & All of their Sponsors

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mgookin, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. China is cheating and the International Olympic Committee is condoning it.

    Why should we (consumers) put up with this?

    It's typical China communistic fraud.

    We're not gonna take it; NO we're not gonna take it; we're not gonna take it ....anymore! (that was a song)

    If you're watching Olympics, please stop. If you patronize any Olympic sponsors, please stop and tell them why you are stopping. Unless or until someone puts their foot down, the system will be corrupt.

    What a shock to see the IOC condone this corruption.

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    And also please read...

    Have a good day.
  2. Tums


    You should also boycott anything and all things that are made in China.
  3. I've done that all my life.
  4. Don't forget ipod, which is also made in China.

    Also check your motherboard, your mouse, many of which are made in China.
  5. You're just clueless. China has been doing this for a while. It's absolutely zero surprise and was predicted by a few news outlets.
    Soviet Union used to jack up their athletes with god knows what chemicals. USA kept it simple, their athletes were (and still are) rampant with steroids.
    If you needed an investigative reporter to figure this out, you are dumb.

    But really, why give a shit? Olympics was sold out to the corporations long time ago. Before that, it was a place for nations to flex their muscles. Now it's both, and on top of it, a source for drama & gossip to entertain the semi-retarded public.

    The only thing worth of value in this, is to observe how this will be used to strain China/USA relations.
  6. There are not and never will be any Apple products in this home.

    The year the ipod came out I bought more then a dozen of varying size ipod, video ipod, monogrammed ipods, etc. for everyone.

    We spent the whole day fighting that shit. With an mp3 player you can drag and drop mp3 files onto the device, but not with Apple. You have to pay extortion fees to Steve Gives BlowJobs or find a hack program. Needless to say it was the most disappointing Christmas ever.

    Steve Gives BlowJobs could invent a money printing machine with zero input cost and I would not want one.
  7. Check your key board and your mouse.

    Chances are they are made in China.

    Throw them away.