Boycott of BP over release of mass murderer

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mr Pain, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    There are calls for the US boycott of BP as a result of their alleged influence in getting the Lockerbie mass murder released from a Scottish jail to return to Libya to a hero’s welcome.

    Will it matter? Will you take part?
  2. CET


    If you have a source/link that implicates BP then post it. If not then don't post unfounded drivel. The damn Scots should have never let the mass murderer out under any circumstances.
  3. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    Im not claiming it nor do I have a source but it is being called for. See

    I am inclined to boycott though. Who knows their stock may go up with some nice deals from the Libyans.
  4. Call me a capitalist running dog but if it looks like BP is going to get more business I would be more persuaded to buy rather than boycott.

    "There are few more impressive sights in the world than a Scotsman on the make," J M Barrie
  5. Kap


    "Here in the United States, boycott all BP gas stations, since the money you spend there ends up in the pockets of those in the United Kingdom responsible for this travesty."

    this goes down as the stupidest thing i have read in August. what muppet deduced that ?
  6. Keep in mind that it was on a Scottish town that the doomed aircraft crashed.
  7. Isn't it obvious that any money going to the UK will also be taxed in the UK?

    What's a muppet but a bunch of hugely popular characters performing frequently with world superstars?

  8. AK100


    Don't blame the English.

    It was a 100% scottish decision. The English court or government had NO say in the matter.
  9. The only innocents in this whole sorry tale are the victims of the atrocity.

    When the oil runs out do you really think all those who are critical of the decision to release Al Megrahi will care too much?

    There is always a story behind a story.
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