Boycott movies, prices at theaters are going to SURGE!!!!!!

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    Talk about a rip off, going to the movies has become so expensive I don't even have a clue why people even go anymore, the prices of 3D movies are surging, in some cases tickets are going up as much as 26%. If consumers were smart enough they would cut back on overpriced movies that come to DVD 2 months later and buying overpriced water at $5 a bottle. As long as the consumer is dumb enough to pay these prices, prices will continue to surge.

    Mar 26, 2010
    Theaters raise ticket prices for 'Dragon' in 3D
    09:35 AM

    Brace yourself for some sticker shock this weekend if you head to the movie theater to see the new Dreamworks Animation film, How to Train Your Dragon -- especially if you want to see it in 3D. Theaters are jacking up ticket prices by as much as 26% for the flick, according to spot checks by two Wall Street analysts.

    By AP
    Following the success of Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, theater owners believe that "consumers are so 'hungry' for 3D content…that they will not mind paying substantially higher prices," says Richard Greenfield of investment firm BTIG in a report this week.

    His random survey of 10 theaters in different cities found prices up 4.1% for an adult ticket to the 2D version of Dragon, 8.3% for a conventional 3D version, and 9.9% for Imax 3-D.

    An AMC theater in Boston is charging $14.40 for a child to see Dragon in Imax-3D, up from $11.50 for a similar ticket for Alice.

    J.P. Morgan's Vasily Karasyov reports similar results this morning from his own check of prices in 10 markets. Tickets for Dragon in 3D cost about $3.80 more than they did for the same flick in 2D. That 3D premium is about 15% higher than theaters were getting for Alice, and 7% higher than for Avatar.

    The higher prices may be important for Dreamworks, which has a lot riding on Dragon's fire-breathing power. 3D screens are still in short supply, and Dragon could lose a lot of them next weekend when Clash of the Titans opens.

    What's more, early tracking of audience interest in Dragon "is lower than hoped, below last year's Monsters vs. Aliens," Lazard Capital Markets analyst Barton Crockett says this morning. Although those surveys are "notoriously inaccurate" and Dragon could benefit from strong reviews, the findings are "consistent with our nagging sense that buzz has been less than we had expected," he says.

    The bottom line: Crockett sees "more risk than we had hoped that the movie could miss our opening weekend estimate of $61 million. Anything below $55 million we believe would weigh on (Dreamworks Animation) shares. Anything above $65 million we believe would be positive."
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    I rarely go to movies any more. Now I have a spiffy new giant LED TV, plus I've gotten the news so I do not envision going to the movies but once a year (if that). I can sit in my nice place, drink a nice merlot and not deal with the idiots behind me kicking my seat while trying to stop their baby from crying.

    When I was a kid, I could afford to go to the movies once in a while. To the half price mantinee, anyway. Now that I make the big bucks, I can afford my own semi-theater so good bye sticky floors, grossy inflated ticket and food prices.
  3. "How to Train Your Dragon" is this a porn flick in 3D?
  4. lol :D
  5. Last movie I saw in a theater was in 1998, The X-Files: Fight the Future. Is that where I get my user name? More like Fight the Audience. Last bleepin theater experience I'm going through.

    No more theaters and listening to guys explaining to their girlfriends what's happening in the movie or betting what's going to happen next or repeating the dialog verbatim because he has seen the movie 167 times and it keeps getting funnier every time he sees it.
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    I hate when girls ask you questions that you have no way of knowing the answer to. As if you somehow have more information than they have
  7. I'd be happy to pay double what they charge, on 3 conditions.
    1. The movie starts on time, no previews, no commercials.
    2. No late comers. Movie starts, nobody else gets in.
    3. Most importantly, they have a guy walking around with a Taser zapping anyone talking. STFU during the movie.
    In all seriousness, money has nothing to do with why I don't go to the theater. It's about crowd control, and I would pay double if they could control the crowd.
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    Man can I relate to that one---
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    Clearly we need the federal government to start handing out movie tickets. While uncaring rich people (who've taken more than their fair share from the table of life) can afford stacks of high priced movie tickets, what about the unfortunates who cannot? Time to level the playing field! We need the government to start handing out free movie tickets! Yay!
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