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    Capitalism is evil, so says Michael Moore in his latest film, "Capitalism: A Love Story". Indeed capitalism has been particularly cruel to Moore, who has an estimated net worth of $50,000,000. Imagine the suffering he experiences at his 10-acre lake front estate. Please join us in boycotting this moron.
  2. Unregulated capitalism is nothing more than tyranny.
  3. The truth will set you free.

    Why boycott him? just because he has money?
    I think Glen Beck makes $25m a year.
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    He doesn't propose regulating capitalism. He proposes ending it.
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    Not because he has money. I like money. Because he is a hypocrite who is pushing a socialist agenda. Not even in a right-wing-we're-gonna-call-everything-socialist-because-its-scary way, but a totally serious, totally mindblowing stupid way. Then again, if you want to support that, you just go ahead and give him your money then. A fool and his money are soon parted, as they say.
  6. I loved "Roger and Me."

    Holy fuck..Whaddya know? He was right all along.

    I'm selling rabbits now.
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    Hope you enjoy making boots.
  8. Michael Moore did not phrase it right. Capitalism in its purest(unregulated) form has child labor, zero worker rights, and a total absence of any moral compass beyond pursuit of the almighty dollar. In essence, it is a vile construct and should never be allowed to exist au naturel. It is still better than communism though.

    Properly regulated and channeled in the right direction it becomes one of the foundations of a robust economy.
  9. In his own completely crazy way, the OP managed, probably entirely by accident, to hit on the essence of, well, not capitalism, but free markets.
    Detroit has been a company town since the Twenties, when Ford and then GM made the car a symbol of sex and status.
    A powerful combo, that you would think would guarantee prosperity for more than a generation. But by the Fifties, smart economists already knew that Detroit needed to diversify out of its dependence on cars.
    Which, of course, never happened. Michael Moore was raised in an environment where all of the power and all of the wealth was concentrated in the hands of a very few. He was smack in the middle of an industrial supply region. The same way as the rest of the world only cares about Saudi Arabia because of its oil, the rest of the world only cares about Detroit because of cars.
    Well, cared. By now, it's become obvious that Detroit's day is long since past.
    Unlike other cities, like LA, SF, or NYC, where new industries and trends come up all the time, Detroit could think of cars and only cars.
    Capitalism as described by Adam Smith and later by such sharp observers as Jane Jacobs and NN Taleb, is all about the dispersion of power, so that no one ever gets a total grip on the economy and the politics of a place.
    Michael Moore comes out of Michigan, where it was all autos, all the time. Like most everyone who comes out of a supply region like that, his views tend to the extreme. No different than the righties who infest this part of the forum, and who have no idea what it means to have an economy with lots of opportunities that sucks in people from all over, including "illegal" immigrants. Empty counties and dead-end cities seem to be their ideal, where a few guys lord it over the rest. To them, that's the natural order. It has as much to do with the economy of the real centers of growth as a feudal duchy has. Which is to say, none at all.
  10. No argument with that reasonable statement.
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