boycott all Financials

Discussion in 'Trading' started by alientrader, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. I am boycotting all financial stocks until Hanky boy apologizes and realise the errors of his ways.....or when the shorting ban ends.

    Whichever comes first

  2. I stopped trading on 9/12. I trade futures only and am waiting util this whole things shakes out. Sure I still watched all last week and saw many great opportunities I wish I was in on with all the volatility, but I don't need the money that bad and don't need to lose it while the f-sticks in Washington grab straws and point fingers.

    The best to everyone else.
  3. wojo3423


    Contact your Senators and State Representatives !!!!

    The Bush administration seeks ``dictatorial power unreviewable by the third branch of government, the courts, to try to resolve the crisis,'' said Frank Razzano, a former assistant chief trial attorney at the Securities and Exchange Commission now at Pepper Hamilton LLP in Washington. ``We are taking a huge leap of faith.''

    WE ARE FUCKED!!!!!
  4. Casey30


    No wonder I am making more money, you guys stopped trading and your share of profits on these securites is flowing into my PnL.

    Seriously though, Although it is crappy that the government is using tax dollars to do this bailout, doesn't mean you should discontinue trading these equites, volatility is great and isn't that what you want as a trader? I probably wouldn't be holding large unhedged positions overnight due to headline risk but again intraday is good.