Boy this Lebron James shows no hustle

Discussion in 'Sports' started by wildchild, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. wildchild


    This bozo is saying he is in playoff mode. He ought to be embarrassed. Magic Johnson ought to ask for a refund. Imagine the frustration of being this guy's teammate.

  2. That video is more NBA than I’ve watched all year.
    Worst league in sports.
    Unwatchable crap
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  3. He got da money. LA is losing, not gonna make playoffs. Why should he bother with a big effort? Snoop Dogg would get rid of all dem other loser N__gas! :rolleyes:
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  4. FriskyCat


    NBA has become a league where the off the court drama is a bigger draw than the play on the court.
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  5. wildchild


    This league used to be great. It was part sports, part art. Today it is no defense, shoot 3 pointers.

    If thats what the audience wanted, the WNBA would be popular.
  6. FriskyCat


    Inmates are running the asylum. A few years back when a former coach "insinuated" that great players were colluding to join and form super-teams, the usual "paid by agent" media ho's cried foul. "free market", blah, blah, blah. Nowadays, it's just business as usual for the "superstar's" to basically try and form their own all-star teams, then kick out the scrub players they don't want and bring in their own guys. The coach and gm? They need to cowtow to the star or he'll go crying to the media about not having "all the right pieces".

    Bottom line though. This narcissistic, idiotic league perfectly represents the new age fan who cares just as much about the off the court drama as the diminishing on the court product.
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  7. Carlll


    All the blame should not be put on LeBron James. He is competing with the MVP candidates in terms of stats. The Lakers squad and the coach have to take majority of their losing streaks. I am sure that LeBron James will bounce back from this. Who do you think will sign with the Lakers?