boy, that was vicious

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by LT701, Jan 23, 2008.

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    they reached what should have been the bear phase 1 maximum in an accelerated time frame, of spx 1325 (may 2006 high), then closed below that level for one day, to panic everyone out

    then, once they suck in the amature shorts, and panic out the longs, they rip it higher

    dont get me wrong, i'm having a nice profitable streak, but i'm astonished at how vicious it is

    with the model of the previous bear so available, for technical analysis, it makes sense they had to throw in nasty twists

    i think we just saw one of them
  2. huh that explains it. who is 'they'?
  3. LT701


    oh, that's right, i forgot 'they ' is 'we'

    we're all players of equal size ;)
  4. then reason i replied at all is to imply that isn't it a mistake as a trader to personify the market anf to assume that every move has as an ulterior motive to trick you into a losing trade? What this leads to, more or less, is trading AGAINST the trend, because every move is suspect. Every significant move is a headfake to be faded? A "you against them" menatlity, where you look to fade every move, rather thahn go with the flow because you are PARANOID :D what are you thots?