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Should ET face boycott until they clean up the scam sponsors?

  1. Absolutely YES

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  2. NO, let the newbies get fleeced

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  1. ET has gone too far in alowing certified scamsters like puretick to have sponsorship privileges. If ET is willing to allow scamsters like puretick to advertise and attempt to fleece newbies, ET has just as much culpability as the scam artist. I say it is time to boycott ET until they clean up their act and not allow sponsorship from proven scam artists. ET should have some sort of moral fiber and protect newbies, not expose them to scamsters who pay for sponsorship.
  2. you've been here less than one month, what do you know about anything here at ET

  3. More than plenty of good info on this site that will help you.

    Just gotta look around and find it.
  4. Yet you lied on this thread stating the mods deleted your first boycott thread:

    That is correct sir. I wish the thread wasn't deleted but et has to protect its sponsors and revenue.

    Batting zero, douchebag.
  5. I agree there is some useful info. unfortunately, there's way too much noise here, so the good info is very hard to find. Unfortunately it's like looking for a needle in a haystack nowadays here.
  6. Puretick bottom fishes for the lazy, ignorant and stupid.

    If those people are hell-bent to smoke that crack that is "Puretick trading" there's nothing I or anyone else can do for them ... just think of all the liquidity they are providing to the market, the vig the broker gets with their asinine 5 pts ym profit trades, and the revenue that ET gets from the Puretick's pied-piper act ... that will tell you everything you need to know. :D
  7. Douchebag -- So your spineless [your words] boycott lasted all of six hours? Hear Hear! Bravo!
  8. Here comes the lap dog chasing after me like a scorned monkey!

    OK moron, if I really had the other thread deleted why am I so hot to start the EXACT same thread??! You are truly a fool amongst fools. The heat of living in the desert has fried what was left of your little brain.

    attipus response is: well the sigma alpha derm, i got gamma vol , and delta tau delta until I magically turned "go long BSC @ $99" into a gamma , alpha profit.
  9. Nah, it makes perfect sense to let this one slide but delete the other identical thread a few minutes after it was published. Can't argue with that logic:

    I've NEVER, EVER asked for ANY thread to be deleted. EVER. I abhor censorship. But hey, not surprising you must lie to make a point.

    Save for your first boycott thread... and the "ET's Worst Call of 2008" thread. Lest we forget the Pabst thread as well. There's three off-hand in the last month alone.

    You are incapable of discerning your fiction from truth. You're buying your own BS.
  10. scorned monkey, obviously I see that crazy threads are being left in trading right now, so i jumped at the opportunity to re-post this. I hate censorship, and didn't appreciate chasonsx deleting my thread. Obviuosly he's asleep at the wheel right now to allow all of these other threads to go.

    attipus response: come on pussy, the vig of combining sigma and delta cause the vol to expand and the gamma put will be made into a delta call.
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