boy did i just about make a mistake

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by progers82, May 21, 2004.

  1. i went short (s&p emini) at the open today and had a buy limit at 1091.00 and a stop at 1100. i got filled on the 1091.00 buy limit and I left and forgot to cancel my 1100.00. i was gone for three hours and came back and saw my stop still on my screen and had the worst feeling in my stomach. my stop was missed my 25 cents. it the mental mistakes that really kill traders and I just about made one.
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    oca orders
  3. i can't do an electronic OCA
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    Conditional Stops!
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    You cant? Use IB. Use ninja trader. Or suffer the consequences.
  6. It's good to have a very simple checklist that makes sure everything is OK. I run through it when I start and end the day, but also during boring times. Basically you verify your positions and order status, esp. if you are supposed to be flat with no open orders.
  7. wait until you see a perfect setup.. wait patiently to pounce on it at just the right time.. and sit back watching it run briskly toward they sky only to realize that the P/L is red instead of green :).. mistakes happen..

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    On options expiration in February I had a brain cramp. Wanted to buy 10 puts and instead bought 100. Needless to say they went from .40 to .05 in a flash.:mad:
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    LOL, man I hate it when that happens. Been a while now tho, hope I'm not due. :)