boxing- - who can beat this guy?

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  1. This guy:
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  2. wtf. its a trick. they are hypnotized by those cornrows.

    looks like the bum of the month club, but he can throw a punch.
  3. David Haye is the best of that division,maybe if Lennox Lewis came out of retirement like Vitali Klitschko desperately wants,but he,s been gone for a few years now.

    I also heard Tua was attempting a full comeback,but really, there is no one active thats any bigger threat than the klitschko bros.
  4. SlyFlo


    unfortunately, top boxers aren't the best fighters in the world. you want to know who would destroy the "Hayemaker"? it' won't be close at any point in the fight...

    THIS guy:
  5. The heavyweight division isnt where the best boxers are today. No one has more skill and cunning than Mayweather jr. Silva is amazing, but MMA is more of an overall type of a skill/sport, where as boxing,because of a tighter rule set (stand up only ) I would have to say the skills are narrower, but way more advanced.
  6. Professional boxing lost most of its credibility when Tyson bit Holyfield, and was not immediately banned. I really couldn't care less about MMA. They are skilled "brawlers", but would more than likely crumble if hit by Foreman in his prime.
    Just an old school observation...
  7. or joe calazghe? he was good- undefeated full stop