Boxing - the next white hope :-)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Copernicus, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. after Kliczko's demise last saturday can Golota step up and win a title this saturday at the garden? I'm sure that after what happened 8 yrs ago they must take some special security measures... is anybody going?
  2. i think golota will step up - hopefully his face wont tear up

    kliczko needs to get on a damn treadmill, get his stamina up and be more conservative on his punches - or quit
  3. he looked in a much better shape than his opponent body fat wise when he walked in the ring. some rumors flying around about him having diabetes. guy has a phd what the hell is he doing boxing anyway...

    as to golota hes doing this bout for his children so he better step up this time :)
  4. Damn, the job market is tight.

    Golota is real good. He just has to stop punching guys below the belt.
  5. whatever happened to prince nasiem (sp?) - finally fight someone good and get his ass kicked?
  6. yeah he did loose his title, i am sure hes doing just fine in the show biz, that guy was an awesome comedian in the ring!