Boxing Hatton Vs Mayweather predictions

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    Ok I am from the UK so I am a little biased but I bet Ricky will win by 10th round stopage. I cannot see Mayweather being able to take such sustained pressure.

    Maywetaher does not have the same power as Kosta Tzysu did and Ricky waded through his biggest shots no problem.

    Would like to know everybdys thoughts on the fight
  2. Hatton will get a knock down prior to round 7 but will still be losing the fight.

    Mayweather will continue winning the rounds and will win by a Unaminous Decision.

    All the great fighters that Hatton has beaten were willing to stand in front of him and get hit.

    Mayweather will be unwilling to stand there to get hit just so he can get in his own shot in.

    Simply, Mayweather will hit Hatton in ways Hatton didn't think was possible on a consistent basis.

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    I think that this fight will come down to Hatton's ability to keep banging for 12 full rounds. If his engine stays in tact I think he can pull it off but if he tires markedly Mayweather is too quick and will probbaly be able to win UD or by cuts late stoppage.

    Either way it should be a cracking fight, apparently they have not seen anything like it in Vegas ion terms of support since the good ol days of Chavez.
  4. I predict that this will be a boring fight
  5. the distance, hatton on points....
  6. Whom ever wins this fight and if they continue fighting to only retire undefeated...

    This fight will be their signature for being called arguably the best fighter in the history of boxing.

  7. Floyd Not only outclass hatton, But prove one more time that Hatton is a very limited fighter and very overrated by the media. He has fought nobody, Tzsyu was old, Hatton almost lost with Collazo and almost got KO in that fight and he beat a Old Castillo.

    He Just Fought taxis drivers all his career, I dont think that Hatton can beat a Old Oscar de la Hoya or Cotto or Williams or Castillo.

    For me, Floyd is the sugar ray leonard of this generation. Too perfect.
  8. Well in the wash up, Mayweather was to good.

    Hatton would have been a lot better if he hadn't blocked all of Mayweather's punches with his face.

    Hattons defence was terrible. I have never seen a fighter get hit with so many straight rights.

    Hattons corner should have picked up on it straight away and changed his approach.

    Hatton if tough but he fought a dumb fight. Mayweather fought a super smart fight and was the best I've seen him ever. Kind of a shame if he retires now when he is at his absolute best.