"Bowling for Columbine"

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    Last nigth, I rented this documentary called

    "Bowling for Columbine"

    I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it. I would enjoy any comments good or bad that anyone may have on it.

  2. I really felt sorry for "Moses" in the interview. He seems to be being used by the NRA, and the fact that much of his memory is shaky is sad to see. I generally like Moore, but I think that he goes a little far to prove his point sometimes.

    But what the hell was the NRA thinking when they held rallies in Columbine and Flint? Seems a little insensitive to the families of the victims of those two tragedies.
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    I saw it a year or so ago..I am Canadian and live in Vancouver.

    I have to admit, between that movie and a bad experience with some locals in Hawaii,I haven't felt much like heading south.

    Guns are becoming more prevalant here with criminals,to my knowledge, we have had a couple of bad incidents at nightclubs here this summer.

    I don't know anyone who owns a handgun,or assault rifle for that matter. While I'm sure that there is an element that gets involved in that.

    We have our fair share of wackos but getting guns isn't easy for the regular guy.

    That movie made me even more grateful to live where I do.

    I can go to the worst part of town and still be safe,although I wouldn't let my Mom go there alone!

    I have visited friends in Detroit and was shocked that they wouldn't go to certain parts of town.Having narrowly escaped from there later, I saw where they were coming from.

    The issue is so deep,with poverty and racism playing huge parts.

    It makes you wonder where we will be in 30 or 40 yrs.??
  4. Isn't moore working on another documentary titled "Farenheit 911" ? Anyone know anything about this one ?
  5. michael moore is annoying.

    as if there's an epidemic of the columbine stuff. so maybe 10 kids per 5 years (in the entire country) attack their school. there are bank robberies all the time. it's just a different type of crime. crime happens all the time all over the place. this was just something new and it stunned the world.

    for whatever reasons, these kids are just really pissed off and frustrated. eventually they reach their limit and act out in violence. you can't make everyone in the world happy. there are always going to be pissed off people and there's always going to be crime.
  6. Nitro!!!!!!!!!:D :D Enjoyed it? recomend it?

    Be careful now, you are in grave risk of been labeled a pinko- commie socialist unti-Amrican slime..
    KKKintheb... ummm I mean AAAinthebeltway/Doubter feel free to jump in any moment with your attacks,... errr... comments:D :D

    good documentary though. Moore not as much trying to make a point against guns, rather criticizing the system, society, values and beliefs.:mad:

    more comments on the DVD here:

    the cartoon trailer speaks volumes:
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    in the US several thousand children a year are killed by gunfire.
  8. many more are killed by cars. now what are we going to do, ban cars?

    people can die from all kinds of things.
  9. what do you recommend to be done ?? think about it, make guns illegal, think the criminals will obey ? confiscate ?? make guns uncool ?? too late, hollywood has already ruined that angle. what is the solution ?? anyone ???? i think it is too late to do anything...but who knows ??


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    I thought it was a good show, but very one-sided. Hard to make a good counter argument though to some of the gun death statistics in America when compared to pretty much every other country in the world. It really is such a deeply ingrained culture, that I think most who haven't traveled abroad much don't even realize how wacko it is. Violent death by gunfire is relatively rare in most other countries.
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