Bowling... Can we start a thread?

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    I want to be an expert on something at ET.
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    OK, what is more likely? Bowling a 300 or getting a hole in one?

    There ya go! Take the ball and run with it:)
  3. Or we could have a thread ask, "Which is better, bowling 300 or shooting a hole in one?"

    Hole in one, no contest.

    Who get's chicks by bragging about a 300 game?

    Bowling is recreation, not a sport. When was the last time we saw a bowler on the cover of Sports Illustrated, or the lead story on ESPN's Sports Center?

    I think they have horses who win races on ESPN more often than bowlers.

    100 greatest athletes? Any bowlers in that league?

    Sports medicine does pioneering work in bowling injuries?

    Funniest movie: Kingpin (Bill Murray as a bowler) or Caddyshack (Bill Murray as a groundskeeper)?
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  5. and shooting a hole in one gets the chicks???
    The only way telling a chick that you got a hole in one will get her to sleep with you is if you follow it up with the words "Well Hung", "Ferrari", or "Yacht". Those words will generally work for a bowler as well.
  6. While I don't rank golf up there with the sports like Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, etc.,

    I do think Tiger and Annika have changed the perception of golf from a recreational event to an athletic sport forever.

    The number of women who are now watching golf on TV supports the acceptance of golf as an athletic sport, by tracking the number of female observers of the mens or women's professional tours.

    That said, I believe it is also more likely that if a woman hit a hole in one, she would stand a higher percentage chance of getting chicks, than say a female bowler with a 300 game would.
  7. what other sport can you tell a woman to spread her legs and keep her head down without getting slapped? .... didn't think so.. :)
  8. you can always ask her if she can clean your extra stiff shaft :D Or you can get it in the hole with less tries compared to other men :D
  9. There's a lot of Dykes on the LPGA... my sister plays for a university and she's been in pro ams and volunteered at LPGA events. She said that she's seen some of the players holding hands while walking down the fairway, kiss and so forth.

    I think in golf you get to see more positions than lets say bowling. Especially on the green. I used to play with some hotties, and when they bend over to pick up their ball... let's just say they bend over incorrectly :D I guess you could say I was pretty good, and they'd sometimes ask me for help with their swing. I'd tell them to spread their legs and keep their head down :D

    Speaking of girls... I've never had a tennis player. Now girls that play tennis are hot. Running up and down that court all day in those flimsy little skirts.

    Oh... another advantage of golf over bowling. Country clubs baby. I mean do bowling centers have swimming pools? Gyms? Didn't think so. Yes, nice country clubs are nice. You know how the rich guys marry those fine blondes... and they have fine daugthers. In the summer they go swimming at the club... very very nice scenery.

  10. Now you're talking. :D
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