Bowles-Simpson Epitomizes Our Current Plight

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  1. Talk is cheap... and the art of manipulation throught it seems to pay really well
  2. Humpy


    The word vultures springs to mind. I wonder why ?
  3. Humpy


    Those responsible for the financial crises are imho:-
    1. politicians
    2. bankers
    3. lawyers

    and who is suffering because of their incompetence and negligence:-
    1. The poor
    2. the elderly

    what a crappy and unfair system as always. Big pensions for the rich ( who don't need anymore money ) and peanuts for the poor ( many of whom are desperate ).
  4. ktm


    He who has the gold makes the rules.
  5. Parasites always rationalize and want more of somebody else's money.

    Actually, we give much too much in the way of social benefits. It's ruining the country.
  6. Somehow the financial crisis evolved into a problem with SS and Medicare. Typical mo for politicians.
  7. I don't think so. SS and Medicare have ALWAYS been a problem.. one which should have been addressed 40 years ago. AND... DEMOCRAT CONGRESS SHOULD NEVER BEEN ALLOWED TO STEAL THE SOCIAL SECURITY RESERVE FUND!!

    :mad: :mad:
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    Come the next election the sheeple will be waving the same ole flags and banners for a handout of more "american dreams" and "blue berry pie in the sky".

    The conditions of Castro and Chavez is no doubt chearing for the right wingers tho.
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