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  1. I'm just throwing this out there...

    After today's close, I was of the opinion that all the selling that would have take place had those comments come out earlier didn't have a chance to take place.

    But then, I get an IM from an aquaintence who could not be farther removed from the market - I think he works in the Mexican consolate or something. So, he says, "Man, what's up with the markets?"

    Buy 'em!
  2. Pretty good chance the 200 day holds. A lot of put sellers are going to get stock put to them come monday. There will be a nasty squeeze soon.
  3. Crunched the numbers and S&P will hit 1284 sometimes between now and the end of June.

  4. Is this method as reliable as the one which produced the "+20 points in ES by Friday's close"? I think you be crunching the wrong numbers.

    Wow, a whopping 24 points higher [your post stamp at 1260cash] in nearly 6 weeks? Talk about going out on a limb!
  5. Do we hear a Nick Leeson behind that? Everyone's trading against you man...
  6. market making unbelievable moves, absolutely sick...i'm loving it!!!!
  7. if the fed is going to pause then they need to come out and say it to stabalize the market or else if the year lows break on the SnP it could destabalize everything
  8. the people selling....where are they puting their money? underneath their beds? In falling RE market? In CDs that underperform inflation?
  9. we are going down -

    the trend is your friend -

    by puts on the bounces -

    summer in the hamptons - like wall st. :D :D
  10. In the same place the buyers are getting their money just goes 'round 'n 'round!

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