Bounce in Gold this week now over?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by formikatrading, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. Gold bounced this week but does the correction resume? I'm guessing it does.
  2. Sure, it's possible. Silver is up nice, that lead the last leg up.
  3. Pretty big reversal to the downside today.
  4. of thre trade .... am trying to buy some miners AH around settlement or lower

    there is a divergence here and even if the early am shows

    some weakness I expect a rally in the miners tomm

    only way this does not work is if gold futures and euro

    tank overnight

    ps ... stock index futures are lower so that should

    lend good sentiment to my cause

  5. I have been nibbling just a bit here on some gold stocks. I will be watching for a double bottom or higher low and and then a continued rise from here. gold stocks and gold may not be in total sync though so I will keep a tight leash. just my thoughts...Good Trading All :)
  6. I put another batch to work near the close. Bought 5k of paas and 500-1500 of every gold stock i own. Nothing large, just working my basis. I've traded really well lately and i have a lot of capital to put to work.
  7. precious metal stocks should open up slightly firmer

    and perhaps their could be some short covering from

    the people who sold late in the day yesterday

    gold futures up $2-2.5 in london now
  8. 6:55am 01/23/04
    Merrill ups gold price forecasts

    what do they think , that this is the equity market ?
  9. but sold my NEM way too early ...

    the specialist must think he has NFLX the way he whips this name up and down today
  10. I still think this down move has more to go. Patience, patience.
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