Bought NQ @11800...

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  1. Looking for a short-term bounce into Friday's close. Sell orders at 12500
  2. Stop @11600
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    That was amazing, no more rickshaw, Tesla now
  4. NQ Daily and Weekly 14-day RSI under 30 signals short-term oversold. We are there. When daily weekly and monthly are under 30, that will mark an extreme oversold. Expect some serious short-covering rally.

    During downtrends, Thursdays are good days to watch for turning points, especially if Monday Tuesday and Wednesday have been down days. Hope this helps newer traders.

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    He Swift
  6. Waiting for an announcement to create a squeeze.
  7. I can feel the shorts getting ready to cash in. Bet NQ closes green 25 minutes to go.
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  9. Crude oil rising in lockstep with stock indexes does not give me a lot of confidence.

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  10. Pay close attention to the volume on today's big-up day.
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