Bought a box of Wallstreet condoms today.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ghettotrade, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. They had specials for 49.05 for a box of condoms

    Your Day Buy to open order for 4 SPY Mar 19 '11 $93 Puts at a limit price of $0.09 was executed at $0.09.

    01/20/11 Bought PUT SPY 03/19/11 93 STANDARD & POOR... -49.05

    I dont trust you white boys and your flashcrashes

    I made so far 489 dollars of wallstreet welfare checks

    That = 97 lapdances if I count the Rolexxx 5 dollar lapdance specials prices.

    I recommend yall start wearing some protection now or get it up the poopchute by goldmansacks without even the courtesy of a reacharound.

    now I gots some calls going on make me some moneys feburary of 612 dollars of premiums but if I get forced to sell my stocks I make

    1956 bucks cash moneys feburary. thats 391 lapdances and some steel reserve.
  2. Long VIX calls!!!