bought 6k SLV

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by mikeenday, May 5, 2011.

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    @ 35.2
  2. Just to keep it honest, how many calls did you buy 2 days ago?
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    I have only shoe string money to play options.
    might be nothing compared with big guns' account.

  5. I'd guess we probably have a snapback rally soon enough, but looking at the charts it's a bit ominous, we even took out all of the April gains.

    The big positive is that demand for physical is historical, so in that context it's a positive. I'd actually hope that this shake out would free up some physical inventory and maybe consolidate or tighten the market over spot. Probably just wishful thinking though.
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    usage seems to have changed over the years. if someone said they bought 6k slv it use to mean they bought 6k shares of slv. nowadays it seems to mean they bought $6000 worth of slv.

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    I thought it was 6k shares as well ?!? OP ?? (although I'm quite happy holding only 1000shares of DBC, such a mess :( )
  8. Are you guys still chasing market turning points?
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  10. $6K of SLV would be an odd lot, so I think he means 6K shares of SLV. [​IMG]
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