$ bottomed, bonds topped, employment # friday

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  1. I was just reviewing some charts and I'm thinking the dollar may have bottomed vs the euro while bonds have topped out. I'm wondering if the forex and debt markets are forecasting a better than expected employment number on Friday.

    Of course, my entire premise could be hooey. :D
  2. I'm not agreeing nor disagreeing with your conclusions, I just wanted to know what exactly you are seeing on your charts that are telling you this?

  3. I think the Pound/Dollar daily chart looks more like a top than the Euro does...
  4. i think it could be a sell the news type event. gonna raise .25 for the euo and no rate change for gbp. depends on commentary from trichet - but i think they will be very careful not to harm the euro. exporters are taking a BEATING in eurp despite what ecb says.. gotta figure most exporters work on a 5-12% net profit margin and 5% of that has been wiped out in the past few weeks alone...not good news...
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    ADP came in with a prediction of 159,000. I think the markets will be happy with anything between 100,000-150,000.

    Market expects 105,000-115,000.

    I'm sure they will revise the last 2 months showing the economy added another 80,000 jobs because this data is just sooooooooooo accurate.
  6. Damn, I'm good. :D
  7. I have a couple of home-brewed indicators that work well across different markets.
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    did you make any money? or are you just happy to be right?
  9. I made money and I'm glad to be right. How 'bout you? :D
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    Nice call Deep!
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