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    Do you guys think we have already seen the lows for the year and we will just grind higher since we have now heard from bubble ben and everything is going to be ok with a wink wink? Will the market just ignore the poor economic #'s and actually rally on bad news since we just know that ben will do anything to prop it up?

    What happens following next year when any stimulus runs out?

    I am positioned with a short bias. Don't they know I need the market to come down? lol.
  2. i lightened my shorts.
  3. September and October are usually some serious bearish months.

    Hard to say before they are over.

    Past October should be easy to call it though.

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    Yes, usually these are usually good months for bears but definitely not last year. The market is conditioned to rise with the slightest whiff ben's breath and he knows this. Who knows what he will announce in September to keep the market up. Looks like the gold market is saying more $ printing. Longer term, my guess, if Perry is ahead in the polls and looks like he can beat Obama, we just might be saying goodbye to ben and it will be interesting how the market begins to price it.
  5. if i made money on shorts i would cover some here. that's a money management decision but this is the sweet time before another very bad day.
  6. Expect another >5% drop before 9/20
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    Agree, I sold 1/2 of my TYH and will sell the remaining half towards $36+ I have seen this time and time again where the market rallies and gives it all back, today is what we call a SELLING OPPORTUNITY!!!!!
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    I hope you guys are right even though I have had to reposition my trades to reflect the manipulation. I just want the market to flow freely and find its bottom without bernanke. right now we are trading like we are an emerging economy.