bottom line competitors jeoulous of ib success

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  1. first of all i trade options with ib. there stock commissions are way too high. but i must say people constantly trying to knock them down becasue they're kicking butt. i mean look at the whole et board. ib has 20-1 traders over the next bigger broker. look mb trading tradestationa nd many others have tried to copy them with universal accounts and nobody can touch the. imean there stock commissions at 1 cent are ridiculous yet they don't change them which means people still using them
  2. Who do you suggest for high quality but ultra cheap stock comms?
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    Try some online Canadian brokers and you will appreciate IB. Head and shoulders above.
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    Joey i am currently happy with IB but i have seen that cybertrader has even lower commissions... but dont know of there platform or transaction speeds are any good...
  5. i think cyber is flawed in some area's like smart orders. if you do substanital vol check around with a few professional outfits as there plarforms are far superior to ib with lower commissions
  6. IB is not the cheapest.............hasnt been for quite a while.......BUT...........the several times I have tried the "competition" I WAS DISAPPOINTED by slower execution...i.e.. lousier fills.
  7. what is the benefit of universal account, when most traders
    don't even know how to trade US market?

    Btw Tradestation is coming out with International data
    in TS V.9 and 3rd party data support in service pack 1 as
    well, very soon.

    20-1 amateur traders with most 5K in their account only,
    very intersting. :p
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    yeah i have been routing through smart at IB and i have not been really happy but i will try to hit acra or brut to see if that gets me better fills :confused: my sizes are alot larger then they were a few months ago i am doing15- 20k shares per day i could easily due 30k on a good day i think.

    i also have another broker fidelity and they have direct access tthe fills seem pretty good and my price is at the offer or the next one up but but my order sits there in the ordr box longer then IB

    it would be really nice to see if we can get at least .005 striaght at IB.