Bottom is between 5000 and 5200

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    Get your flame-throwers out.
  2. I think we see upper 4000s
  3. you too optimistic skee daddy.
  4. Honestly this is a mere guess, but I am thinking that 7000 will hold. We will form a long term triple bottom on the Dow Jones and continue from there.

    I hope I am right, because I worry that if the Dow falls to below 5000 it might lead to social upheval. I wonder at what point in an economic contraction should people seriously consider fleeing a nation. Any thoughts on this?
  5. Your all wrong it will be 4789. There take that.
  6. If any of you can back these predictions up with reasoning you would have a lot more credibility.
  7. Good question.
    Another would be:
    If DOW hit 5000 and lead to a social upheval, where could one go to escape the pain?
  8. my dow target is 2000 in 24 months. i have to give us some credit for computers, so we won't test the intraday low from the 87 crash. what have we really done to grow since then? trade short term profits for job shipments overseas and crippled heavy industry.
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    The rationale is the corollary of what got us to 14,000… the willingness to buy anything; and now, the willingness to buy nothing.

    The market trades based on levels and the defense or penetration of those levels.

    If you believe that people aged 12-65 are going to become permanently risk averse with respect to the stock market, then you will probably agree that 7000 is the medium longer-term level. If you believe that, then it should not be so shocking that we will test 5000-5200 in order to get the classic fib retracement back to 7000 before we settle.