Bottom in?

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  1. I kind of think BTC will drop further, but it's hard to say. I see a delinking of alt-coins from Bitcoin - which has already happened somewhat - BTC's huge move in Dec was prior to alt-coins and in fact, the big guy fell down while the ants crawled all up him.

    I see alt-coins going back up - resumption of primary trend, but may fall further still.
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  2. Jones75


    The VIX is still north of 30. For anything long, I want to see below 20.
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  3. Damn it, Jim. I'm a crypto-trader, not a quant!
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  4. qxr1011


    at the time when the market goes down - short, do not wait to back in long
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  5. I am out. Cryptos scare the hell out of me and I have idea where the bottom is.
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  6. My current ES range is 2580-2428
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  7. This thread is hilariously schizophrenetic.

    Anybody trading the SPY.BTC cross?
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  8. Buy1Sell2


    Bottom is now in
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  9. I doubt this is the bottom with the amount of monthly volume i'm seeing and it's only 9 days into the month.

    There's a high probability you'll see S&P reach at least 2200-2400
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  10. S2007S


    Easy$3k this year, all those new miners mining bitcoins will give up after they realize the cost to mine a bitcoin costs more than the bitcoin itself...

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