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  1. themickey


    Who likes bottom fishing? I do!
    Post your real money bottom bargain basement trade deals here.
    No paper or sim trade calls, has to be the real deal!
    Post your chart here with it.
    Definition: A stock or otherwise which has been trending down for some months and you are catching it within what you believe is a couple of bars (thereabouts) from the bottom, ie is still in downtrend, not above any resistance levels.

    Bottom fishing is risky but potentially lucrative, adds a bit of spice to otherwise boring vanilla trades.

    I'll post my first call as soon as our market opens again.
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  2. wrbtrader


    If you're worry about...

    No paper or sim trade calls, has to be the real deal! Real money trades!
    • Why not just say post your screenshot of timestamp trade fills in your broker trade execution platform or timestamp trade fills in your broker statement to verify the bottom bargain basement trade deals ?
    In fact, I've heard some say posting a screenshot of the timestamp trade fill is just as easy as posting a chart. Regardless, expecting those to post their signal calls and then be honest about the signal call as a real trade...that's a lofty goal.

    Heck, why stop there. You should request entry price, position size, stop/loss protection and profit targets info plus the reason (technical explanation or fundamental explanation) for the bottom bargain basement trade deal with that chart of the trade.
    • Besides, this is already being done on Stocktwits. They're the real deal, everybody posting real trades (none of that sim trade stuff)...right ?
    You can throw in a disclaimer statement to say the posters making the signal call are not responsible if someone decides to follow (mimic/copy) the bottom bargain basement trade deal. :D

    Sorry, I'm just in a bad mood, one of my kids has been sick all night...I got no sleep and will be taking care of him all day. Thus, I may be a little sluggish in recognizing you're just joking. :rolleyes:

    Slang phrase: Catching a falling knife @

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  3. ElCubano


    TLRY. I have an avg cost of 30.18 for 400 shares. With the lowest shares bought at 29.488.
  4. themickey


    My trading puter is just that, I don't use it for posting, web surfing etc it is turned on and off within a couple of minutes. All my web stuff is done elsewhere, so to screen shot my broker statement is a hassle.
    Live calls will be verified by the chart, you can marry price with chart with post stamp time/date.
    In actual fact I can post a couple of minutes before the market opens as the overnight price will not have changed.
    Anyone attempting to bs will soon be caught, a lot of good noses sniffing about on ET.
  5. themickey


    Very good, what kind of minimum price are you hoping to reach should it roll over/stall?
    In other words, what would be your typical hold time?
    Post a chart when you exit.
    $12k position.

    I'm running a new algo, still bedding it in, I have shrunk my trade sizes right down while trialling, currently doing $3k-$4k-$5k trade size.
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  6. SteveM


    Lumber Liquidators (LL) @ $9.27 looks oversold to me and due for a bounce back up to at least $10.50
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  7. %%
    I like those stores, LL has been a top trender in IBD >> 100%.
    I've made more on buying higher+ selling high,[QQQ + related] but buy junk + sell antiques principle works................................................................................................
  8. vanzandt


    I wouldn't do it. Its a bs stock. Its manipulated AF and it always has been.

    Its a microcap, it has a low float, and it has high degree of consumer visibility... all of which add up to making it the perfect vehicle to sucker in retail traders. That is not a shot at you btw.

    I know this stock very very well and trust me, aside from the outside possiblity of a squeeze (45% of the float is short)... this thing is heading lower. And even a squeeze will be capped, because anyone in their right mind that is a major holder of this thing will sell into any strength to get out of their position.

    That little run and subsequent fall it just had earlier this month.... that was a 50% run.
    What went on behind the scenes of that one, is complete and utter BS. Oh it was all legal, I'm sure he had all his bases covered.... but it was pure manipulation. It should be criminal. He bagged millions.

    You might get a bounce.... but this stock has seen its highs. Unless they pull another BS move like the last one.


    I just saw this post.
    Don't touch this thing Murray. I don't care what IBD says or anyone else. This thing has fleas.
  9. vanzandt


    F9 Investments is the LLC owned (there's only one person that owns it mind you) by the founder of Lumber Liquidators.

    Other than holding a bunch of stock in LL, he is no longer involved with the company. He's not on the payroll. He stays busy with his other company that he owns under his LLC, Kitchen Cabinets to Go.

    So imagine if you or I could do this....

    You while away the hot, lazy hazy days of August in TN buying up 1.3 million shares of a company you founded but are technically no longer a part of.... for about $7.88/share on the open market. Then you pick up 5000 calls (good for 500,000 shares) for which you literally pay pennies. Pennies.

    On September 3rd, you file with the SEC and make a press release that you are considering taking Lumber Liquidators private and merging it with your Kitchen Cabinet Company.

    Over the next 5 trading sessions, the stock goes up 50% almost. You bail out on September 12th.
    All those shares, all those calls... dumped on the open market. Bought by retail players who were suckered in by the press releases and the subsequent hype by various websites pumping the idea of a $17+ buyout and CNBC flagging the call volume in unusual options activity!
    You pocket millions of dollars as you sell to the "Elite Traders" of the world who trade $10K accounts.
    Nice payday.

    The very next day... September 13th... you change your mind.
    You file with the SEC and make another press release. You decide "these actions are now less prudent at these elevated levels."

    The stock tanks.
    ....3 trading days later its back to $9.

    From the 13D filed 9/12/19:

    (c) In the last 60 days, F9 Investments, LLC acquired 1,346,240 shares of Common Stock between trade dates August 7 to August 16, 2019 with an average price of $7.88 per share. On September 4, 2019, previously purchased 5000 Sept 20, 2019 $10 Strike Calls to purchase 500,000 shares of Common Stock became exercisable. From trade date September 11 through September 12, 2019, the Reporting Persons sold a total of 1,250,472 shares of Common Stock with an average price of $11.68 per share, and 5000 Sept 20, 2019 $10 Strike Call Options to Purchase 500,000 shares at an average price of $2.20 per contract making the total of 1,750,472 beneficially owned shares sold. In the last 60 days, all shares or options were acquired or sold on the open market. 366,127 shares of Common Stock were held previously as a long-term investment.

    ....Must be nice to be able to get away with this sh*t. That's all I can say.
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  10. Handle123


    Those who think exchanges try to make fair rules to include Retail, live in Munchkin land.
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