Bottom fishing stocks

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  1. Big profit are made when we buy good stocks cheap and wait for a few days. Value swing trading in a way. After they broke out, pulled back at key support due to market weakness then buy.

    I made good on FCX NUE JOYG, etc.

    Tonight Cramer mentioned a good stock: GMXR. FWLT looks good, about going over ma-200.

    AKS formed a bullish engulfing candle on weekly chart.

    NVDA: got in at low $8
    ATVI: got in at low $8 too
    Sold both stocks today.

    I will name more, just want to start this thread.
  2. TOL looks interesting, touched ma-200 and closed at ma-50.

    TOL brokeout today (double top, W pattern broke out).

    TOL will run to $23 (W extension) if Obama's package is good for home buyers.
  3. Boss302


    Been watching AKS myself. I like MTH in the homebuilders and really like pattern in GNK - in from 15 and change on that one. NVDA looks interesting on a pullback - thanks.
  4. How about ZLC?
    If they don't go bankrupt one could make loads of cash from these levels.
  5. Straight
  6. I like ISRG at current level, Great products, management and tons of cash.

    Above ma-50 will be very bullish. This stock is very volatile. If they announce a sale to a hospital, the stock can jump $10 in a day.

    ISRG is a good candidate for acquisition by someone like JNJ, GE.

    Weekly chart has $153 as next resistance.
  7. Went up 18% today
  8. Take a look at AFAM. It found bottom in the last couple of days. Tiny float and short% is extremely high.

    S&P announced AH that AFAM will be added to S&P 600.
    Similar move like NFLX and BWLD.

    ATVI is strong today. I'm back in NVDA at $8 and ATVI at $9.14

    BTU looks interesting, pulled back from $30.95 to the loer part of the uptrend channel. I got in AGU the same way and sold today at resistance.

    ENER and FCX look good. They both want to break out.

    FWLT is consolidating around ma-50. Trend reversal a few days ago. A cup was formed and handle is being built.

    FXI was a $70 over a year ago. China is moving up. Good bottom fishing.

    USO DXO keep going down. Look at the USO weekly chart we can see a huge H&S. We can see that USO is about at the bottom (using depth of head and minus from bottom shoulder). I'm accumulating.

    Good luck to all. Crazy market. I called it a teenager market.