Bottom Fishing is a Fools Game.

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  1. Yep.
  2. It sure is, I can say from personal experiance, wait for the trend to turn then get on board. So you miss 1/3 of the move its better to wait.
  3. Does book value really mean anything anymore?
  4. the question is this: how can you tell definitely when the trend has turned?
  5. After is bases then rises above its 50 day moving average. A long sell off then base out, the longer the better, then start to climb.
  6. what kind of evidence do you have to back that up? and why the 50 day moving average? why not some other number?
  7. Just an FYI . . .

    When listening to Mr. Aaron Copland please keep in mind that he would describe the current market action as "trend-less" . . . with no clear cut direction as he claimed in this earlier post today:

    03-14-08 09:58 AM

    We have been in a range all year no clear direction. Their are land mines around every curve it seems.

  8. Clearly a rhetorical question from your screen name.
  9. There are ways to reliably bottom fish. One day I will start a journal and expose the method.

    Now there will be people that will follow this post and ask me to prove it. I'm not going to do that right now so don't waste your time.
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    I think to start investing SLOWLY into the financial sector could be a good trade if you are long term, even just buying an 1/8 or even 3/16 of a 100% position can be a good start.
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