Bottom Fisher Scan

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by cmilian, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. cmilian


    Hi, do you guys know of any bottom fisher scanners? I know of the Tony Oz one but it requered Realtick. I am looking for a standalone scanner.

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    This looks very nice, is it realtime data?
  4. Bob111

    Bob111 should specify in your first post, what exactly you are looking for. real time,EOD,time frame,how many stocks,is there any filters blah blah blah..
    there is a plenty of tools on market and many of them can do what you are looking for.
    yes,it's can be done with WL in real time
    i guess Tradestation can do this too
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  6. Hi guys,

    We are releasing a scanner for MultiCharts in about two weeks.

  7. Will it be similiar to RadarScreen?
  8. Here's what MultiCharts market scanner can do:

    • Screen markets
    • Rank tickers based on your custom criteria
    • Perform all the operations not only with real-time, but also with end-of-day data
    • Mix different datafeeds within the same workspace
    • Use the locally stored data

    Please note: the current version of the scanner supports 200 symbols. In the upcoming MultiCharts versions, this number will be raised to 1000.

    At this spoint the scanner hasn't yet reached its optimal performance. It will soon be optimized for higher speed, better performance, and more efficient memory usage.