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Discussion in 'Options' started by addvalue, Aug 13, 2009.

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    Has any had any experience or encounters with Byran Bottarelli. Seenms to be a one man(?) shop who is conning people out of their money with misrepresentations and deceptive practices. Yes I fell for it and trust me save your money. This guy is a phony! I realized once I saw more of what he is doing. If anyone had any negative experience please contact me as I an dedicated to exposing him for what he is and isn't. You can contact me here or my email Thanks, Dr. Gardner
  2. I wish you well, but you cannot 'expose' him.

    There are enough innocents in the world that you will not impede him in the slightest - unless you sue.

  3. addvalue


    Well stated Mark. I am leaning towards that. It's funny what you notice after the fact. As I review his website I realize there is no contact phone number or physical address listed and nothing has shown up from my internet searches. There were many signs that I missed:( Would you happen to know what agencies regulate internet sales. He is not a registered stock broker or financial planner or anything so that probably limits my recourse (oops, something else I missed:( ) Thanks for your support.
    p.s. this is his photo. Traders and Investors, if you see this face at your next seminar or trading course, Exit stage right...
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    How is he conning people out of their money?
    What are his misrepresentations?
    Why is he a phony?

    What is he doing that resulted in these conclusions?
  5. I love it- anonymous testimonials, no direct contacts, no verifiable track + $2,800 subscription fee —
    The guy is really ‘smart’— Am I in the wrong business?

  6. I just read some of his website, this guy is a clown. He didn’t even hit the trading floor till the 2000's and by then the top people had all gone upstairs. He does not post a single sustained fact and he calls the CBOE the largest options exchange and sites anonymous people. I love how he credits “60 minutes” in an obvious phony quote.
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    Don't the ***===>>SECRET<<===*** strategy only Soros et al (and our friend for a fat fee) know.

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    I'm the consumate skeptic and I believe that most of these guys on the internet who are trolling for large fee subscription are bogus. But charging a $2,800 fee is no crime nor is it an indictment of his service. And a first time poster generically railing against Bottarelli isn't proof either. However, since the OP claimed to have been taken, I was curious if he could provide more concrete details.

    As an aside, I use a tax program to deal with my hundreds of wash sale violations. I think the program is terrific. And yet when I was researching it prior to purchase, there was a poster here who at every chance, called it a rip off. Now one of us doesn't know what he's talking about :D

    And yes, you're in the wrong business :)
  9. drcha


    sometimes it is best to cut your losses and just get on with your life; definitely it is psychologically healthier

    even if you could prevail against this outfit and shut his site down, he will just reappear in another guise