Bottarelli Research is it a fraud?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Bogan7, May 10, 2007.

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  1. I know nothing of the vendor in question so this is just directed at vendors in general. Never, never waste money with a vendor who either doesn't provide real money trading statements from a real money trading firm. Or lacking real money trading statements then see if his results are audited by an outside tracking service such as Hulbert or others. If anyone feels they have been mislead by a vendor then contact the enforcement division at the CFTC in Washington. They frown on falsified track records and will take action.
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  2. I have been trying out Bottarelli's Research Option service for the last 4 months. Here is my conclusion:

    This is a day trading option service - sometimes a "few minutes " option service. This is not disclosed in his marketing materials. He has about 6 very volatile stocks that he tracks( right now CMG, NFLX, MELI, DLTR,GMCR, VMW ) and others that pop up on occasion. He can be in and out of the options on one or more of those stocks a couple of times a day. He is looking to pick up quick changes in premium over a period that may last from a few minutes to a few hours. You need to be logged in to his website to be sure you get his buy and sell recommendations in real time. You have to be ready to pull the trigger instantaneously.

    I have had a few occasions where I was late by a few minutes and missed the trade. This is a very frenetic service. If you have deep pockets I believe you can make money. If you are trading 5 options at a time on a low budget, you probably will not make money or will get frustrated with the small gains after you net out commissions. This is not for the faint of heart. He only buys calls and puts, no option selling.

    Bottom line- I didn't do all of his trades. I stayed in some after his sell recommendation and made some money and lost some as well. I ignored others due to lack of capital tied up in other trades. Of course those were the ones that did really well! I have lost money trying to do this while managing another job and with about $8,000 to play with. IF you want to stay at your computer all day, have sufficient capital, have guts, and follow every recommendation in real time, you can probably do well. Otherwise stay away. I don't plan on continuing.

    He has another service, called call Option Blasters that is a longer duration service but I have not tried it.
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  3. After 40 days and taking every trade (within 15 min max of alert) my win loss record is 45% wins with average gain of $148 and 55% losses with $199 average loss, with average of $1,500 invested. Total loss of $750 so far. Holds losers and doubles down, while taking profits quickly; also is biased on market direction (mainly down) so this could've contributed to the sub par results. Sometimes its hard to get in after the alert at his entry maximum, but most of the time it isn't.

    Just hit a profitable strangle on Cree for plus $800, so that helped his averages so far.

    If he provides an edge it isn't in his trade management-but perhaps over a longer time period his edge will be revealed--just hasn't shown its face so far. Trading very small to test it out and will probably give it 60 days total.

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